Baby Sign Language Workshop Delft - Essentials | Womanhood studio

datum: vrijdag 21 april 2017

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Baby Sign Language Workshop Delft - Essentials | Womanhood studio

For ALL babies, especially those who can hear ;)

Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking? What if they could just tell you what they need?

Baby sign language is a simple yet powerful way to connect with your child, even before they can speak.

Learning a few simple gestures allows you to avoid a lot of the frustration and guesswork that happens when your baby cries. Easier communication strengthens your bond. Recognising and eventually using signs supports your baby's cognitive development.

In this workshop you and your baby will learn the signs for the essentials: milk, eat, more, father and mother, please and thank you, bedtime. You'll sign nursery rhymes. You'll meet other parents and their preschool children.

Practical, easy and fun.

Perfect for beginners. Suitable for babies from 6 months onwards.

A must for multi-lingual families. A great support for children with speech delays.

€16 for one adult and one child. Additional people €10 each.

Message me to reserve your place today!


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